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We are a US-based travel firm specializing in the design, creation, and logistical support of unique trips to exotic destinations around the globe. At Zuzulu Travel, we pride ourselves on enabling our clients to experience destinations in novel ways. Whether it be a trip in the spirit of adventure or discovery, we guarantee you a journey to the destination of your dreams at a competitive price.

Through our worldwide network of local destination experts, we offer our clients support at every step of the journey. Our trips offer exceptional experiences and authentic memories to all who journey with us.

A message from Maya Dheherabehere Sise, Zuzulu Travel’s Founder & Director:
Welcome to Zuzulu Travel! I invite you to explore our trip offerings to see what most resonates with your joie de vivre. After working over a decade with international travel firms in the US and in France, I founded Zuzulu to offer my clients unique, exotic trips  with superior customer service.

At Zuzulu, we work closely with our worldwide network of local destination experts to offer you a journey to the destination of your dreams. Our local representatives at each destination are carefully selected for their reliable service and ability to connect clients with the local cultures.

We leverage their in-depth knowledge of local travel markets to offer our clients superior service at competitive prices. I am convinced that our trips will offer you enjoyable, authentic experiences and life-long memories. Please find the destination of your choice at (click to find out more).